27 April 2005

Food as drug

Last night Sara Jean and I went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. I love this place because I can eat until I'm ready to burst, but I'm able to fill up mostly on green beans, broccoli, cabbage.....you get the picture.

There were at least six people at this restaurant that would have been more comfortable distributing their backsides across two chairs....350 pounds would be a conservative guess. You know these folks have got to be miserable with their bodies, so why do they tempt themselves by coming to such a place?

Food as drug!

These folks are obviously prime candidates for heart attacks. When they have "the big one", someone will call for an ambulance, and the WONDERFUL FIRST RESPONDERS will have to figure out how to get this mass onto a stretcher and into the truck. When they get to the hospital, the Doc is gonna want a helicopter to take this patient to a tertiary care center. When he calls our dispatchers, one of the questions they will ask is "how much does the patient weigh?" If the answer is 350 pounds or more, the next question is, "what is the patients girth?" Our stretchers are limited to 400 pounds, and at this weight you begin to reach the limits of our ability to secure the patient to our stretcher. More and more, we are turning down flights because patients are too big/heavy.

So it's another thing to add to the vicious cycle.....upset with my condition?
More upset with my condition?
If I could just have a bowl of ice cream....
Worried about having a heart attack?
Let's see if I feel better when I eat something!

The genius that comes up with a way to short-circuit this cycle will be a millionaire in no time at all!

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