27 April 2005

11Sep01......Lessons learned?

I just watched the video of the successful landing of the new Airbus A380. Beautiful! This aircraft approaches the size of "The Spruce Goose", meaning it is monstrous!
Will you be comfortable flying on this airplane? And by this, I don't mean comfortable as in going to the massage parlors that will be onboard, I mean will you have any fear that this flying village will just be too attractive to the next Mohammed Atta?
Terrorists chose the Boeing 757/767 series because the flight decks of those airplanes are nearly identical and they both carried enough fuel to cause unimaginable damage when they were crashed. I fear the new Airbus A380 will be of interest to terrorists simply because of its size and its passenger load.
As an aside......Airbus needs to sell 250 of them to recoup their multi-billion dollar gamble on this airplane. Stay tuned to see if they can sell that many. (Boeing is betting they can't!)

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Anonymous said...

No terminals at LAX can hold 800 passengersat once. ATL has already said they will not let this plane land there. *00 passengers is too much for one plane. Has everyone already forgot the accident in the Canary Islands involving KLM and PanAm?
The first time one of these monstrosities crashes the out cry will be heard around the world. There's a reason why the Airbus 300 is known among air crews as the "Scare-Bus").

Airbus has to sell 250 of these to break even. Boeing already has orders for that many 787 Dreamliners and more are coming.
Yea, Boeing!