24 January 2022

Names Changed to Protect The Innocent?

NONE of this is true. (Maybe):

Our neighbors became guardians of a little girl a couple years ago. Her actual parents care more about chemical substances than they do about the mental and physical health of this little girl, so our neighbors have taken her into their own home.
She's a delightful, smart, active little girl.
She's now FIVE.

Trying to give our neighbors a "now and then break", we've invited this little girl to visit us on Friday nights so our neighbors can go out to eat and enjoy one another's company. The five year old can pretty much wear us out in a few hours. She loves us both, and literally WALLOWS all over us to get our full attention.
We love her to pieces.

Saturday morning after our normal Friday night "Babysitting" job our neighbors called to say they had tested positive for Covid. Is this one of those cases where "No good deed goes unpunished"?
Our plans to head South to spend a few days with our son are postponed for at least five days.

IF... this was a true story we'd be mighty grateful that Sara Jean and I both seem to be immune to most "gallopin' gump" types of infections.

Good thing this is NOT a true story, right? :>)


Old NFO said...

LOL, the best laid plans... sigh... How many times???

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sometimes it takes a village.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Yeah. We called off our Christmas trip to Florida at Christmas because a co-worker was generous with what he had.