28 January 2022

Kum By Ya, Me Loh!

Let's avoid creating a bunch of trash and mutilated human flesh in Ukraine.
My solution to this problem?
Send a Ukrainian to the ISS, (International Space Station).
There, the Ukrainian and Russian Astronauts can engage in fisticuffs, or arm wrestle, or play a game of "Killer Chess".
Winner of the contest gets to determine what happens in Ukraine, and a BUNCH of lives and equipment don't get wasted stupidly.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

Amen. The manufactured hysteria over Ukraine disturbs me no end. I don't believe the Russian aggression nonsense and can NOT think why NADO needs to exist any more let alone expand. If there are monsters abroad in Eurasia let the bleeping Europeans saddle up and ride out. We've got bridges to replace and borders to seal tight.

There's more domestic communism in the US than is left in Russia. Effective communism, that is. Yet I still know solid conservative, patriotic guys who think the fall of the Soviet Union was a deception operation to lull us into complacency. Well, we got lulled into complacency alright but it was by the US MSM.