14 April 2021


Fifty-Nine minutes, 12 seconds.
That's how long I spent on the phone with my Internet Provider.
I woke yesterday and tried to watch some YouTube videos on our Roku System...
No workee.
We got a connection to our router, but no internet connection.
I reset everything that had a "reset" button.
I unplugged the router for 20 seconds, then plugged it back in.
Still no dice.
None of our neighbors have a connection.
Oh well... give 'em a little time to fix the problem.

I tried two hours later...
Same result.

So I called Frontier.com's service number and, as usual, got someone with an accent that made it difficult for me to understand.
"Go unplug your router."

I made three phone calls yesterday and spent maybe an hour on the telephone. I finally got the person on the other end to admit there was a technical problem at their end. She assured me they were working on it and the problem would be resolved soon.

I woke today with hopes she wasn't blowing smoke up my delicate tush.
I now understand why my tush was irritated.
We still have no internet connection.
I can complain if I just email them at "Frontier.com/service". I may do that just as soon as I have an internet connection.

I spent an hour this morning, mostly on hold, waiting on someone to tell me when I'll begin to get the service I am paying for.
Instead I'm informed a new router is being drop-shipped to my address because my router is more than a year old and MAY be my problem.
I'm now at the Public Library writing this.

So, you tell me...
What are the chances the new router will fix what ails us?


Greybeard said...

Almost two full days without service, and we finally can get a connection.
I'll ask fro an adjustment to our bill.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My building has an exclusive agreement with Comcast. Even though I haven't had a television set in years, I still pay $60 a month for just internet. The other residents pay much more for just basic TV.

Old NFO said...

50-50 on the router fixing it. I had one that did, one that didn't... Good luck!

Greybeard said...

I hope you're right, Navy,
But the fact my neighbor's service is also down indicates to me the problem is not beneath my roof. I'll take their new router, but since I now once again have a connection, I don't know if I'll hook it up right away!

Ralphd00d said...

Had a similar incident the other day, but it was unknown if neighbors were down. Five hours later a tech comes by, wanting access to my house (not happening) and says the outside lines check clear. Then another company truck rolls by, and the tech goes "Oh, that
s a line repair truck and if he is driving here, that must mean they were working on the trunk lines. Could have been the cause. Does not surprise me left hand doesn't know what right hand is doing... and at least I have service again.