14 December 2015

Some 14DEC15 Thoughts-

Yesterday we drove from Destin back home in just under 12 hours to clean up the property and prepare for our flight to spend Christmas/New Year's with our son in Arizona. When I think of our forebears moving across this land in Conestoga wagons I'm amazed...
During the complete trip we were warm, dry, seated comfortably, and had access to Sirius/XM radio the entire journey. We stopped twice for eats, once for fuel. Wonderful.
It was still warm enough when we arrived to open up windows and get some fresh air in this house.
It was then I realized, when the wind blows strong, the noise it makes passing through the bare trees sounds a great deal like the ocean crashing against the shore.

I had a couple thoughts during my drive-

Hope and Change... we now know that Hillary lies with the best of 'em.
It's a little easier to understand how Germany got into the fix they were in in the mid-1930's when you consider almost half our voting citizens would vote for a consummate liar.

Donald Trump has never indicated how he will make Mexico pay for "The Wall", and no media-type has forced the question.

I don't care for Trump. Would I vote for him if he's the candidate?
Consider this: Would any of the present candidates, (Hillary included), do more damage than Bozo? (Yes, I'd vote for Trump.)

Do Muslims shop at "Piggly Wiggly"?


Are women REALLY that out of touch with reality? Why are they not absolutely RAVING about the growing threat of Islam in the world?

Your turn. Teach me sumpin '.


Greybeard said...

Wanta laugh out loud?
Copy and paste, then read this link.
I LOVE Imus:

Ed Bonderenka said...

That's the problem with retirement, too much time to think. :)

denicave said...

I am as stumped as you are. Why women are seemingly oblivious to what is happening to our country and the threat of Sharia law coming here. BUT - there are many who are quite versed in the celebrity of the month, "reality" TV and other areas of interest that leave me mystified.

I regularly speak to clients that cause me to think - "good gravy - you are allowed to vote!". I can cry or laugh - but choose to laugh and say a small prayer.

BIG sigh - :-o)

denicave said...

I am as stumped as you are. Sigh. Someone else will have to enlighten you.