22 December 2015

Movies. Movies. Movies.

An 80-inch HDTV viewed from a distance of six feet may as well be a movie screen.
Our son has a wall where such an electronic monster exists. We've now been in Phoenix 3 days and our time here has been spent making good use of this big sucker.

Our son LOVES movies.
At 0100 hours last Saturday night he was in a local theater watching the latest "Star Wars" offering. Sara Jean and I have discussed his love of movies and attribute it to Saturday nights almost thirty years ago...
At 9 P.M. our local PBS station would air a program called "Movie Theater", hosted by a professor at our local University.  The movies shown would be old black and whites from the 30's and 40's. Similar to what Robert Osborne does on TCM today, the professor would give us an idea of the storyline; who the actors were and what was going on in their lives at the time of production; any difficulties making the film; and other bits of trivia to make watching the movie more interesting and those of us watching more informed.

Our son was five.
Our family of three looked forward to "Movie Theater" on Saturday night.
At about ten minutes to nine we'd bring our bowl of popcorn or chips and salsa to the Master bedroom and we'd line up, Sara Jean, our son, me, backs against the headboard of the Queen-size bed, covers pulled up over our laps, to watch whatever the Professor had to offer.
Today we all remember those nights fondly. (And I frequently brag about how our five year old son learned to love HOT salsa with his tortilla chips!)
Imagine now... you've got "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" all leaning against the headboard, either dipping chips or grabbin' a handful of popcorn, snug and warm, watching and enjoying some old film together as a family.

Last night we watched Hitchcock's "Rear Window".
The night before, we watched "Whiplash", which I recommend HIGHLY, and "Rudderless", which I also can recommend.
Sometime this week my son wants to watch the mini-series "Band of Brothers" with me.
He's never seen it.
After we see all episodes of B of B he wants to watch "The Best Years of Our Lives" with his Old Man.
We'll build some more grand memories.

What a kid.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Best Years of Our Lives.
I never tire of it.
Especially Homer.
And the scene in the bombardier nose at the end explains everything to anyone who doesn't know.

Joe said...

I love old movies. I spend more time on TCM than any channel.