04 December 2015


I'm in my "spot".
It's a reclining chair. From here I have a good view of the TV, slightly to one side of the sliding glass doors that overlook the Gulf of Mexico. Today the water is like "Lake Destin". Two days ago the water was like the "Wicked Witch of the West". It's an interesting, constantly changing picture. (Sometimes dolphins spoil our view.)

This has NOT turned out as I thought it would, (although I have to admit, I had NO idea what to expect.)
I didn't realize the DVR would end up being "Master" of our lives.
We record STUFF, then feel obligated to watch what we've recorded.

I started to title this post "The Curse of The DVR" in honor of the new show "The Curse of Oak Island" now showing on the "History Channel", which is one of the shows we record weekly.
Daily we record, "Fox and Friends First" so that with our first cuppa we can get News/Weather/Sports.
We also daily record "Special Report" on FOX News. Add to that a daily dose of "The O'Reilly Factor".
NASCAR is done until next year. So is MotoGP. And Formula One. So those are no longer being recorded. I stopped recording "The Twilight Zone" because we've seen ALL the episodes six times. I'm still recording Alfred Hitchcock because now and then we see one we don't remember having seen.
But now, let's talk about "Turner Classic Movies"!
Even there we've seen most of the "A" list offerings. Now we're beginning to record stuff we haven't seen that MIGHT be worthwhile.
Last week, for some reason, they showed a bunch of "underground/resistance" movies filmed during WWII that were almost straight "Allied" propaganda.
If you're like me, considering what's going on in our world today, you cry like a baby when you see this stuff... realizing how much our world has changed... how much our fellow man has changed.
I've said before...
We've now gone from the "Greatest Generation" to the "Me-Me-Me" generation in 70 years.
The world is a lesser place.

I sit in this recliner enjoying my view, with my pistol within arm's reach.
I'm still angry.
But watching old movies on TCM gives me HOPE for CHANGE.

I know there are a TON of folks out there reading that agree.
Give me your thoughts, PLEASE.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I try watching all that stuff AND have not retired.
TCM gleanings are getting thin.
Netflix streaming.
Person of Interest and Dark Matter are highly recommended.

Old NFO said...

I'm retiring this month... Maybe I'll actually watch something beside news now... I've given up on watching programs, because I'd miss episodes and never catch them in re-run. I 'hope' things change for the better, as I now have two grandchildren. If it doesn't they are SCREWED!

eiaftinfo said...

Not sure I can retire . . . we'll see. I like my customers, having fun with the firearms training and a couple engineers and I are looking at starting something like a "job shop". Time will tell I suppose. My wife "retired" last year for 3 months when she trashed her back . . . think that hit the reset on her retirement plans as well. As long as she can ride dressage a couple times a week she's happy. We'll see . . .

denicave said...

I sometimes consider retirement after a particularly grueling day - but truth told, I like my job, I am very good at what I do and there is this fear my brain will be the first to go if I quit. (Although my body seems to be more than willing to give out any day). I support 20 financial planners for a global financial firm. Average age is 26-30. They are young, smart and.... young.
They have the education. I have the practical wisdom and love - as well as a desire to help them succeed. It is a good fit.
So, I will put the retirement thing off for a while. Husband forced into retirement (the non-existent age discrimination) two years ago. He enjoys lunch with church buddies once a week and golf mosts Fridays, but I think he has become the family errand runner/babysitter. Not sure that is what he had in mind - :-O