28 January 2015

I SHOULD NOT Have Shown Her This:

Back home we have Wasps, Hornets, Bumblebees, Mosquitoes, and the occasional Brown Recluse spider.
We don't like 'em, but we're accustomed to 'em and have learned how to exist while dealing with them.
This is a new wrinkle. Our son found one like this in the kitchen a couple weeks ago, (sans all the babies being carried on the back), and made the mistake of showing it to his Mother. She immediately dispatched him to buy a Black Light, (Scorpions are "fluorescent"... they glow in the dark when illuminated with black light), so she could recon the area she intended to trod while walking around after sunset.

I find spiders fascinating. I'm beginning to have similar feelings about Scorpions.
Notice I said "beginning".
Right now I'm still mildly creeped out by them.
And a Momma with her back completely covered by babies?


cary said...

Our oldest cat, Vashka, used to hunt them down and kill them. Then she would show the kills to Momma.

Momma was, shall we say, less than thrilled.

Tumo said...

Saw a few varieties of the little devils while on deployments to the A-Stan. Nasty, creepy little things. We use to capture scorps and camel spiders and let them duel to the death. Scorps usually won. Saw a young Airmen eat a De-fanged camel spider once on a less then smart dare. Never would tell us how it tasted. Just kept saying "You wanna know so bad eat up!"

Old NFO said...

Always check the boots and the shoes... they like warm and damp!