04 January 2015

God Gave Us Amazing Digits!

I normally wake here about 0730 hours.
I try to get out of bed quietly as possible. But Lucy normally has spent most of the night 'neath the covers snuggled in my crotch, so when I get out of bed she's ready to "Go outside?" and do her business. She emerges from her warm spot beneath the blankets, shakes her ears furiously, and that sound pretty much announces to anyone within 30 feet or so that she's awake.
Sara Jean just turns over and goes back to sleep.
I go downstairs and let Lucy out, then use the index finger of my left hand to push the "brew" button on the coffeemaker.

Lucy back in the house and rewarded for bein' a "GOOD GIRL!!", I make my way back upstairs, recline in my chair, grab the remote, and with a few finger-punches find it's gonna be 63 and sunny today here in Gilbert, AZ,-  35 with a partly cloudy sky back home.
I smile.

Then I grab the laptop and check my email, surf my favorite blogs for news, and review Facebook to see what my "friends" are doing, all by punching the proper keys with the proper digits.

We live in amazing times, don't we?
Now, if we could just figure out how to make the crazy people realize it and stop trying to ruin it!

1 comment:

cary said...

Wish I could sleep until 0730. That would require retirement.