09 January 2015


I had business in the U.S. Post Office yesterday.
In line behind me about two folks back was a young, brown-skinned woman in dark-colored Muslim dress.
In light of current events, I bit my tongue.
My impulse was to ask her about "The religion of peace".
My friends have succeeded in calming me. I now constantly try to remember and practice "What Would Jesus Do?" in these situations.

So I didn't confront her.
But I'm also sure, in this situation at some point in the future, a skinhead WON'T be so tolerant. There will be blood.

And when turbulence is happening all around us, I'll be comforted by "The thing that goes BOOM" that I now constantly carry with me EVERYWHERE.

Do you also own such a tool?
If not... WHY NOT?


CnC said...

I have many of these tools Dave and am comforted by he fact that all the States I caravaned thru to get to South Florida have reciprocating concealed carry laws.

Tumo said...

I do own such tools. I don't leave home without them anymore. Sign of the times...

cary said...

I carry always. I carry everywhere.

Yes, even there.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Wherever they say don't carry, is where it is most important to.

Old NFO said...

I do, and lubed all the bullets with bacon...