29 December 2014

Signing The "Blank Check"

Your child comes to you and says, "I want to join the ARMY".
What would be your reaction?
I think the answer to that question for me would be an initial knot in my stomach accompanied by a sense of pride.
Fear, at the thought of the possibility of losing my child in defense of the country.
Pride, that my child would feel the tug of responsibility that he/she needed to don the uniform like Dad and Granddad did to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America".

Now let me tweak the scenario a little bit to get your reaction after one minor change:
Your child comes to you and says, "I want to be a Law Enforcement Officer".
Would you get a knot in your stomach-
Or would you, like me, immediately run to the commode to throw up there?

Hope and Change?
I don't think those words mean what he thought they mean.
How do we find ourselves in this MESS?


Tumo said...

Arrgg...Always asking the tough question are you not? You know that I joined into the family career choice. I have no regrets. It brings you opperitunies, emotional roller coaster rides and a brotherhood like no other career can offer. It SHOULD leave you fullfilled and full of pride and honor for the job that was done. The job always mattered. Having said that...give current climate and direction of things...I really hope my children choose other pursuits. The understanding of what and who our people who serve are is gone. They have become merly pawns in political battles. That's not worth the price of the balance on that check. If they choose to serve..I will be proud and I will support them....I will also hold my breath while I don't sleep until they retire or I die...which ever would come first...

Ed Bonderenka said...

I look at the funeral of Officer Ramos and what is said about him, his commit to Christ, his desire to serve, and I ask "What are the odds that the one decent guy on the force in NYC got randomly shot?"
Unless he really is one of many whose goodness and decency are under reported until their eulogy.
And if the good guys don't step up and do the job, what does that leave us with and at whose mercy?