09 December 2014


In 1958 my parents bought me a (made in Chicago, IL) Schwinn bicycle to use while delivering "The Indianapolis News".
I know it was financially stressful for them to buy the bike... I heard Mom and Dad talking about it.
It cost $70.

Yesterday Sara Jean and I went shopping for a bicycle to give as a Christmas/Birthday gift for one of our neighbor's kids.
We ended up purchasing her a Schwinn. I was surprised at the low price. I was also surprised at the "Made in China" label.
No bike in the store was made in the U.S..


Jess said...

Your post reminds me of early mornings, my Shwinn bike, with the special rack, and delivering papers. That, and working in the kitchen cafeteria to pay for my lunch. Those were days when demanding excellence was not only common, but expected. We made the best, at the best price and thumbed our noses at our competitors.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I remember Schwinn tires as being a size of their own.

Old NFO said...

Not so much... But China and Vietnam pretty much have the market cornered, unless you want to spend SERIOUS $$...