30 December 2014

"Cruisin'... On A Sunday Afternoon". (And Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Too.)

I've never been on a Cruise Ship.
Sara Jean and Big Bubba took a Caribbean cruise last year and came back raving about the experience. I'm not at all sure I'm interested in cruising to Haiti. I know damn well I'm not interested in cruising to anywhere in MEXICO since our Marine Sgt was maltreated there.
So I've set my sights on a couple cruises I know I'll enjoy, while bein' educated and entertained at the same time: Alaska's inland passage, and locking through the Panama Canal.

I just got off the telephone with an agent. We're interested in a "Princess Cruise Lines" tour to Alaska. We've heard their food is GREAT. We want a room with a balcony. Beyond that, I'm Sgt Schultz-

Room. Board. Entertainment. Gorgeous scenery. Exotic locales. Exotic boat.
Ya gotta add it all up to understand how the total cost comes into play.

I'd appreciate your input.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Did a Western Caribbean Cruise with friends a few years ago.
Room was small and isolated (no clock, no inter room phone, no sense of time).
Balcony is good choice.
Excursions are extra, know in advance what you want so you get it.
Ship sponsored excursions guarantee that the ship won't leave without you. Important.
Overall, I was not fond of the experience. Too constrained.
I have a friend that moved to Panama to provide excursion services (powered hangliding, skiing, boating, etc.) to cruiseships.
If I did it again, everyone loves the Alaska cruises it seems. And a balcony or at least a window is mandatory.

eiaftinfo said...

Did a 2 week trip to Alaska. One week on land and one on board the ship. Honestly one of the best vacations we've ever been on.

Steve Skinner said...

If you can do it, take the cruise-tour. You spend several days touring the Alaskan interior including Denali National Park. That’s a must see! Even in the dead of summer, be prepared for rain because it’s always a possibility especially along the coast. Otherwise, enjoy.

OlePrairiedog said...

When are you thinking of going. That trip is on our bucket list.

Anonymous said...

I hate cruises. Been on 2 or 3 to Caribbean, one to Alaska. I'd do the Alaska one again, though.get a balcony, take a float plane tour. The scenery is very worth it.