23 November 2012

We Can Fly!

I worried about Fats Domino for a while.
I was a little angry with him too. Folks in New Orleans had plenty of warning and plenty of time to evacuate. The thought of older folks like Fats staying behind was cause for wonder and concern...
Did he have no family? Was no one looking out for the old man?
Eventually the news broke that he had been found. He was safe. Still, there were some thousands of folks dead down there...
People who chose to ignore the warnings and paid the price for their stupidity.
But I didn't know any of 'em...
Until tonight.
Oh, I didn't know him personally. But he's another of those that made my life better. He's another of those I would have liked to meet and thank for sharing his hard work and talent.
I bought the record album. I bet I played it several hundred times. I still have it.
His whole family was talented.
They could ALL sing, and many played some sort of musical instrument. The bunch of 'em were the basis for the hit TV show "The Partridge Family". As a matter of fact, the family had actually been approached to star in the show themselves, but the deal fell apart when Hollywood insisted Shirley Jones would play the Mother instead of the real Mom, Barbara.

Digging tonight to find what had happened to this talented bunch I learned that one of 'em, Barry, had apparently drowned during Hurricane Katrina. It's odd how sad that makes me.
He and sister Susan both lived in New Orleans. She had the good sense to get while the getting was good, (although she lost her home and everything in it.) 

He, for whatever reason, didn't evacuate. He had drug issues. (Why do so many of these performers have drug issues?) Maybe that was part of the reason he didn't leave when he should have.
But now he's gone. 

Mom Barb is gone too, as is another brother, Bill, who also had drug problems.

But they were wonderful while they were all together making music.
They could FLY!


Old NFO said...

Hadn't thought of them in YEARS!!! Good music and good memories, sorry to hear the sad ending...

Scotty said...

"(Why do so many of these performers have drug issues?)"

As a musician myself, I never did understand the destructive lifestyle many talented people fell into.

It doesn't reside in the "famous" sector of the business only but, it's everywhere. Right down to the trenches I spent most my time in.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

People who could actually sing, and who could actually play instruments.


lotta joy said...

I got my small BERKEY in the mail. Best water filter in the world and travels easily. Got my dog. A full tank of gas, and Stud to drive. I'd rather stay home, but we'll be outta here if necessary. I'd rather return to nothing than put public servants at risk for trying to haul my ass out of my house.