11 November 2012

Dateline: Cocoa Beach, Florida

I NEVER met him.
He found me through "Pitchpull", and started commenting. I reciprocated at his blog.
We found we had MUCH in common. Our relationship grew over several years.
Then he got sick.
VERY sick. For a while, he fell off the earth.
I called to provide a way to vent, and to provide necessary support.
We had long conversations about where we'd been... where we were going.

He got better for a while, then his disease came back, with reinforcements.
He fought like the soldier he had been.
But this disease is one of those that breaks your heart, spirit, and finally, your will to live.

I woke today in the wee hours and went outside to see "God's thumbnail"... a sliver moon, with Venus flying in close formation. It's a GORGEOUS day.
We'll be spreading his ashes on the beach this morning. Those in attendance will then get together to share their memories of him.

I think you'd be pleased wth the way this is unfolding Dave.
I only wish we had been able to face-to-face.

Godspeed brother.


Pilot said...

So many times we curse these damn machines. The kids play too many games, Facebook is just a gossip page, we avoid real contact. ...and then, every so often, we learn of something else, something like this post. Where an impossible friendship happened because(!) of the internet. Thanks for sharing. My condolences for your loss.

Scotty said...

Living in Palm Bay I wonder if I could have crossed paths with him. Through the VA or other groups?

The Old Man said...

God bless TWD in his journey in the afterlife. God bless you for the support and love you showed him, amigo.
God help the United States.

Ed Bonderenka said...


lotta joy said...

It IS a shame, honey. We don't realize what might be important to us one day, and then it's past.

Old NFO said...

Thanks and condolences...

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Don't know him, who you're writing about, but he clearly served and should be blessed for his service.