07 November 2012

Analogy- 7 November 2012

You're a drug user...
(Choose whichever drug you want: Heroin, Meth, Angel dust.)
At times you are rational enough to realize you're killing yourself:
"Yes, I know I need to stop. I HAVE to stop."

But as soon as you try to quit, withdrawal symptoms set in...
"I need a hit. PLEASE gimme a hit!"
And so it goes.

So here we are.
Four more years.
And oddly, I'm glad.
Glad, because I think it's inevitable.

The story for hard drug users unfolds one of two ways-
They hit bottom, and realize they HAVE to quit, or...
They hit bottom, can't quit, and die.

And there's my comparison-
We have lots and lots of folks who LOVE government cheese.
And so far, Uncle Sugar has been able to supply lots of government cheese.
But the supply of cheese is not unlimited.
It is dependent on trust that the U.S. Government can pay its debts.
And there's the rub...
Our government is bankrupt.

So again let me give you news you don't want to hear-
It's gonna happen.
It's just a question of "when?"
When does the shooting start?

I wish I knew.
I don't.
But you and I are ahead of most, because we're preparing...
Preparing for the shooting to start.

You ARE preparing, aren't you?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

There is more than one way to vote.

lotta joy said...

Welfare will NOT be allowed to run out as long as there's social security to take away from us and give to them.

CnC said...

I wish I have my place in the hills of Morgan Co. back nothing but big tall trees and deep ravines

Old NFO said...

Yep, what happens when the $$ run out? It's gonna get REAL interesting...

The Old Man said...

Goin' Galt, amigo....

Terry said...

Well said, now just how to make sure I'm in your area so I can be those extra eyes and back up, before the shooting starts.