27 August 2012


She left the road and struck a tree.
Emergency responders could not help but notice she was VERY pregnant.
When they tried to talk with her during the extrication, she No Habla Ingles.
So first responders notified the ER she'd need a translator.

The ER Doc was rightfully concerned...
She's obviously high-risk, due to have her baby any day.
Her widened mediastinum means her aorta may possibly be damaged/torn.
He wants her out of his ER ASAP and calls for helicopter transport.

After her $**,***.**  helicopter ride, the Trauma Center immediately takes her to the Operating Room where they take the baby via C-section and explore the possible aortic tear.
She is then taken to the ICU for care for a few days, then through a step-down unit for observation.
Total cost of her care?
I'm told it will run WELL into the hundred-thousands of dollars.

She's an illegal alien.
She has no medical insurance.
She may have no car insurance.
What she DOES have now is an anchor baby that will insure she gets to stay in the U.S. and enjoy our hospitality and superb benefits for the underprivileged.
So in the future you'll either be picking up the tab on her expenses through higher insurance premiums or higher taxes, or both.
Aren't you NICE?
I see nearly this same story unfold several times a month. How often it happens across the U.S. each month is anyone's guess. But I know this...
We're broke.
We cannot afford it.
And nice people who can't say "NO!" are gonna destroy our country.

Then we'll ALL get healthcare like poor folks in Mexico.


eiaftinfo said...

I suspect this exact event easily happens a thousand times a year. But, there's also the opposite side, when an illegal - driving a car/truck/fan hits and kills a person/kid/family. We've had a number of those each year here in Iowa.

We simply can't afford this invasion at any level.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Yeah, we're screwed.

lotta joy said...

Stud and I were having this same conversation last night. He said "Pretty soon, WE'LL be the minority."

I said "SOON? Right now, if we piss them off, they'll tell US to get out of the country."

Old NFO said...

Yep, here's an interesting link... Parkland in Dallas...


cary said...

The Christian in me is praying that she and the baby will be healthy.

The pragmatist in me is hoping that she and the baby will be healthy SOON.

The patriot in me hopes she and the baby get home to be taken care of by her native family sooner than later.

Milepost 154 said...

There should be NO limits to the spending we make on behalf of persons poorer than ourselves, persons who want nothing more than to make money in this country and take it back to the Homeland, who are doing nothing more than refusing to meld into society, who do not wish to learn English, and who fervently realize that they, like most all others, can truly pick up something for nothing in this, the greatest country on the planet.

It amazes me sometimes, that you can be so cruel, calculating and intolerant, to think that something so stupid as considering the fiscal impact of things like this should even be factored. There is NO amount of money that should EVER be limited when we're referencing persons who simply want. I shake my head at your amazing prejudice and fundamental unfairness.


wksaz said...

On a humane level I agree with Cary but again, what about the bill?

Then there is this
If I committed fraud, drove without a license, hit things, drove without insurance, was hospitalized without insurance and on and on where would this WASP male be right now??

That's correct..in jail with a huge bill waiting for me when I (pay) bail myself out.

They all must go.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Not a comment but something you may like.


Jess said...

The demand for identification seems to work better than anything. When practiced on something as simple as renting an apartment, or securing utilities, the illegals leave.

As far as employers that knowingly hire illegal workers, tar and feathering is a good first offense punishment. After that, hanging at noon.