06 September 2012

Olympic Pandora's Box?

Apples and oranges-
Something just didn't feel right when Pistorius ran against able-bodied runners.
Now he's complaining that artificial limbs CAN give an advantage?
If the Olympics are to survive, the decision-making folks will have to insure folks like me have a desire to watch.
And for me, that means apples to apples.
Case in point:


lotta joy said...

Is there no longer a Special Olympics?

I applaud the man's intensity and all the training he had to undertake, but it just makes me wonder when there will be jet-packs strapped to the back of a legless pole vaulter.

Ed Bonderenka said...

May the better carbon fiber win!

CnC said...

Casey Martin sued the PGA in 2001 and won in his bid to use a golf cart on tour.
I knew the day the ADA was passed it would be horribly misused and I was right.
I could see a cart being a big advantage on 18 holes but never figured artificial legs could ever be made like this. That guy looked like he was running on pogo sticks!

Bump said...

Greybeard . . . The Olympics has been unfair for years. Remember the East German STATE SPONSORED professional athletes going against our amateurs? USSR professional weightlifters? American (Jimmy Carter) politics. He took the ball and stayed home. None of these things were fair. Neither are condoning artificial appliances. . . . lotta joy has it right. That's why there is a "Special Olympics".