27 June 2012

Time Has Come Today.

Yeah, it's been a while since I put fingers to keyboard.
Part of that is because I'm dog-goned tired...
I was busy chasing geese in some of the hottest weather we've experienced in years.
We've had two of the busiest weeks EVER at my helo ambulance job,

and additionally we're now involved in getting NVG (Night Vision Goggle) qualified at my EMS base. I'm mentally AND physically tired.

On top of that, the world continues down the path marked "CRAZY".
Greece is bankrupt.
Greece thinks Germany is greedy because Germany is reluctant to continue pouring money into a bottomless pit.

Stockton, California is bankrupt.
Firefighters there could retire at age 50, then receive their $150,000 pensions until they assumed ambient temperature.
Firefighters are pissed.
But something that cannot be sustained, won't.

Illinois is bankrupt.
(You can fill in the rest.)

I think we are on the verge of some VERY exciting events... political, economical, and social.
If you have prepared for the excitement, it will be ugly.
If you haven't, it will be catastrophic.

Be prepared.


Old NFO said...

Got 3000 more rounds two weeks ago... I'm 'investing' in lead and brass... "Enjoy" the NVG training!!! :-)

lotta joy said...

It's times like the future coming at me that makes me miss my Indiana home at the base of a hill. No back way in. I had a cistern FULL of fresh rain water, a basement bunker and a full house generator vented to the outside.

Now I'm in a slab house with no yard, surrounded by patio doors and low on ammo.

The Old Man said...

Do your best - I'm pretty much medically retired except for shooting.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And while you're "burning," I'm experiencing one of the coolest summers yet. I had rain five nights ago. Four nights ago it was 38-degrees. On June 25th.

My weeds aren't even brown yet.

What think you of the John Roberts Court Decision?


Any thoughts of KILLING "word verification"?

CJ said...

Add Detroit to the list... they're one step away from receivership.


the golden horse said...

BZ Well things are confusing about his decision, did he do it out of revenge, fear, going to the dark side or was he trying to outsmart the left, or screw the right.
From what I have gathered, according to our constitution, all tax laws are to originate in the House, this one Originated in the Senate. But, heck when did the left follow the rule of law.
Now, they deny it is a tax, after being deemed so, so if that is the truth, why is our tax agency involved?
so to answer your question....I don't know.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Stockton isn't far from me. And trust me when I tell you:

1. Stockton is a PIT. Full of illegal Mexicans and no-working Free Cheese recipients.
2. Stockton PD is known as one of THE laziest departments in the state.
3. Gleason Park is micro-inches from their station and rife with drug deals.
4. The city of Stockton is NOT well invested in their retirement holdings.
5. MY department's retirement fund is secure and held AWAY from PERS or any other fund. I have ALWAYS paid for my retirement -- my department pays a FRACTION. People think my retirement is FREE. It is NOT.

Finally: where can I get some "reasonably priced" NVGs for night viewing?


the golden horse said...

Off subject, but I am little, no make that majorally PO'd right now.
This POS, who hasn't the nads to comity himself is turning our gun rights over to the UN with the ATT.
Time for this admin to go.
Time to withdraw from the UN. No more money to them.
We are paying idiots to take our rights away.

Sorry for being off subject.

CnC said...

Hot Hot Hot, spend last week in Fort Myers and it was great weather. We are down here in Nashville Indiana camping and we are looking a 100 + days this week, I think I wanna go back to Fl and cool off!

Greybeard said...

The NVGs we use have a $5,000 price tag, so I can't help ya.
Anyone else have any info?
(I'm interested too.)