02 June 2012

Suzuki VStrom

I'll soon drive 4 hours to pick up my new bike, a Suzuki SV650.
Ever since I bought "Pizza Bike" I've wanted something I could get off-road with if I needed.
This bike gives me that option.
I've never owned a Suzuki, so another ticket is punched.

Is it stupid to be excited about something so trival?


eiaftinfo said...

Hell yes - get excited!!! Enjoy each and every day!!!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

No, it's not dumb to get that excited. I came THIS close to getting a V-Strom 1000 instead of a Wee Strom 650. But, as you already know, there isn't much "wee" about the V Strom 650. It's a friggin' BIG 650! And it's quite versatile. Very popular here in Fornicalia.

There are TWO guys just here at work who have black 650 V Stroms.

I think you'll find it to be very dependable, comfortable, efficient.


Anonymous said...

Just how many cycles do you have?
It seems you either have a very understanding wife OR she has a very large insurance policy on YOU.
With 4-5 machines you can only ride one at a time. My wife has a cousin who supposedly said "motorcycle riders are a good source of organ donors." He has first hand knowledge of this. Your comment?

lotta joy said...

I am just beginning to learn that NOTHING that gives you a sense of happiness and excitement is trivial.

I am so glad you bought it.

FLY!!! Set yourself free darlin'.

Greybeard said...

Your wife's cousin's sister's boyfriend is an intelligent person.
But I'd not care to share a drink with them.

Timothy Frazier said...

I need an off-roader for the Zombie Apocalypse, myself. I've not met a VStrom owner yet who wasn't in love with the machine for adventure tours.

But Robin believes that one is enough. Still figuring out what I can trade for...gave up smoking to get Moon Shine. No other major vices that I can think of. Maybe I'll take up a new bad habit so I have something to trade for a dual purpose bike.

Any recommendations?

Gambling? Golf? Politics?

Old NFO said...

Enjoy it Sir! :-)

Greybeard said...

The Suzuki will be the third bike in my garage again.
I sold the older 'Wing three months ago. I gave the BMW R80RT to my son and he's riding the wheels off the thing in Arizona.
Like BZ, I wanted a smaller, more maneuverable machine to play with.
I like the 90-degree V-Twin on the Suzuki, and the ability to get off-road with it if necessary.
(I think the one I bought has street tires so I may have to re-shod it with dual purpose tires.)

Terry said...

I say yes,each adventure is worth the time. You will be able to say i have spent time on that machine.
Like me each new ride is worth the time, from bikes to Helo's