18 June 2012

Geese Tremble At My Approach

Headed out this morning on our annual Goose round-up.
For the next three days we'll be chasing them out of their hiding places, banding those without bands, and accounting for those who already have them. We'll count them all, and generally handle about 2000 or so birds during this three days.

It's hard work.
But it's a gas.
Wish us safe days, please.


lotta joy said...

Back in our youths (20 years ago) Stud was commended for breaking our local geese out of a pond that had frozen. The ones I could gather were placed in crates and relocated to my sister's hill, with TWO lakes that didn't freeze like a pond will. Then....the poop fest began and I do believe her land is now a foot higher than it used to be.

Old NFO said...

Hopefully not any pissed off geese in your future! :-)

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Are you going to try a R/C helicopter this year, too?

Hope you stay safe, have fun, and get the job well done!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Goosing geese?

Geese were used as security by Romans, were they not?

I know they're used by pot growers in Fornicalia.