11 February 2012

Why We're Probably Screwed, No Matter What.


The last couple days have been mighty amusing for conservatives, watching the tone deaf Bozama administration trying to retrace and cover their tracks after fumbling this "Freedom of religion" issue so badly. Of course it would be even funnier if it wasn't another indication that the country is being lead by total idiots. This is not "Freedonia", so we can't just wait for the movie to end, the credits to roll and relax, knowing the adults really are in charge.


The administration and our lefty media are shouting it from the rooftops. It's my belief we'll soon see these already tepid January jobs numbers revised downward, and when those corrected numbers are made public the news will be whispered, or printed on page 42 in small print.
As I write this, major media is trumpeting the polls, many of which show the President(?) ahead of all Republican contenders. Isn't he wonderful?

But know this. He isn't wonderful. Soon that will be apparent, and we are all gonna suffer for it.


Congress is still fighting over details as to the handling of the extension of the Payroll tax holiday.
Included in those negotiations are the extension of unemployment benefits, and the patch for Doctors who were being shortchanged if they treated medicare patients.
The same old question comes to the fore-
Will we increase taxes at a time when the economy is already weakened, or will we have the political strength to start cutting government spending? Either way, it's gonna be painful.

Then also consider-
Over the next few months, (during an election year!), Congress will also have to debate:

-The extension of the Bush tax cuts.
-The fix for the "alternative minimum tax".
In the present political environment, these discussions will be NASTY. And honestly, I don't think there's an adult in the room. So I don't hold a lot of hope for much to be done.

What's all this mean?

I think it means we are Greece.
Or 1970's Brazil or Argentina.

Which means we will default on our debt.
And then life will get VERY interesting!

Buy ammunition.
Start talking with your neighbors about how you'll defend one another when the "Occupy" folks come to take what is "rightfully theirs".


Well Seasoned Fool said...

We have been without a budget for how long?

(Not that any budget is followed)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Rufus T. Firefly.
That movie ended in gunfire.

the golden horse said...

Watching the Obama administration work, is kind of like watching a two legged cat cover his poop.
When Bush implemented the tax cuts, and they helped us all, not just the rich, the dems stamped their feet and cried like babies. Now all of a sudden. It is like their idea to have them. Hippocrits.
After doing some reading, Obama is fully eligible to be impeached. After all, he swore to obey and uphold our Constitution. Sad thing is we need 2/3 of the Senate to go along, but heck, he keeps attacking and it could happen

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Fornicalia thinks the same way as the federal gubmint: everything is rosy AND, by the way, we need to INCREASE TAXES so that there will be more FAIRNESS and so that we can put more people BACK TO WORK.

Even in my little mountain community, one family left the state for Oregon. They'd had it. They were not high income people or very well educated. They have two children, are white, and can't find lasting jobs. They are also tired of the high prices and regulations. They called me from Oregon yesterday and said they registered ALL their vehicles for LESS than the price of ONE car in Fornicalia.

Imagine that.


Old NFO said...

3 years with no budget... We ARE Argentina, the only thing missing is Peron... Re religion, gotta remember which one he cares about, and Catholic is NOT it!