15 February 2012

Sign of Intelligence?

In my experience, dogs that exhibit this "head twisting" while listening to their human are easy to train. I bet this shepherd could make breakfast if he/she had thumbs:


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Back when I taught EVOC, before my department completely GUTTED training, I called the head-side-tilted thing the CPL:

The "Canine Puzzlement Look."

I would actually get students looking at me like that, with their mouths open as well.


cj said...

GB -

It's probably more that the dog isn't use to singing, which can lead to, as BZ calls it, the CPL...

That said...

My shepherd could easily fix breakfast if she had thumbs. She's that freakin' smart.


Greybeard said...

CJ, our "Schnoodle" Lucy listens to every word we utter and will sometimes respond to conversations between my wife and I...
We were asking one another where her "Chewy" was and she took the cue and went and got it.
When we talk directly to her she does this head tilt, and the tilt is more acute when we use words we know she understands. She is definitely listening and trying to understand.

Dumb dogs don't seem to do it as much.
(Maybe their hearing is selective?)