23 February 2012

Amazing Facts You Need To Know !

From the "I'm sure I would have remembered that if someone told me" department:
What did Senator Ted Kennedy name his dog?
The answer is here.
What an wonderful sense of humor that man had! (Vomit.)


Anonymous said...

idiot...him, not you.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ted Kennedy was, well, I won't go there. The man is dead.

Sad thing, the bulk of the nation doesn't know who he was or, more importantly, remember what he did.

I do.


CnC said...

The dogs name should have been :
"DUI resulting in homocide, which got covered up because of my family name".
but I dont think they could have fit all that on the dog tag.

wksaz said...

And Mary Jo Kopechne is unavailable for comment......

I have no such compunctions about speaking ill of the dead. I hope it is downright hot where he is.
He was a pompous a$$, good riddance.

B. T.

Old NFO said...


Beau's Mom said...

Just an example of hell on earth. He abandoned one woman in the water and abandoned an animal to the worst prez ever.