30 September 2011

Today Is A BIG Day!

September 30th.
I'm not going out on a limb to make a prediction here, but it'll be fun to see if it DOES happen...
Do you know what's special about 30 September?
It's the end of the fiscal year for the U.S. Government. That means there are a ton of agencies and offices that, finding themselves in a "Use it or lose it" situation with their alloted budgets, will spend that money, even if they don't necessarily need to. ( I once watched as the U.S. Army spent a literal fortune sprucing up a military base that was scheduled for shutdown and return to the local economy, rather than lose that money and face the possibility of a lower allocated budget for the next year. Sadly, this is just the way our government works.)

So tomorrow is $$$$$$ day. I cringe when I think about how much taxpayer money will be wasted. But don't be dismayed Bunky... THERE IS a silver lining.
Smart democrats must be shaking in their boots right now, imagining the political ads they'll be facing in just a year. Solyndra has exploded in their face and will only get worse for dems as time passes. Now we find there are at least two more possible Solyndras out there, and this is "use it or lose it" money, so these two companies may have had the same amount of scrutiny as was given to Solyndra before that half-a-billion dollar subsidy was poured down the sewer. These two companies don't even have to go bust to hurt dems pretty dramatically...
They can hurt dems re-election prospects simply by not proving to be "The future of American industry", which I suspect is the way this will play out. Solar power is a VERY competitive global industry. What are the chances these two companies have a truly radical idea to reduce costs so "made in America" will once again be a big deal?

So this money will be spent tomorrow and dem pols cannot stop it...
it's "already allocated"... or in other words, in the pipeline.

But lots of eyes will be watching these, and other companies that got government handouts on 30 September. When the true reporting starts, I'll wager we'll all be stunned at how much this "spend our way out of debt" administration wasted on risky businesses they should never have had a hand in.

Anyone want to accept my wager?


Rita said...

Nope. I worked with a lady who had been a contractor or a Navy ship around this time of year. She watched as they tossed equipment and heavy machinery over the side so they could purchase more to make sure they didn't lose their budget money the next year.

And we wonder why we're in debt up to our eyeballs.

There's a reason governmental accounting makes no sense to a corporate accountant. Because it makes no sense PERIOD.

cary said...

"Betting" indicates an agreement between two parties that there will be a winner and a loser; that there is a risk/reward type of transaction happening.

Both of us putting money on the same side of an outcome is not betting, and this case is closer to being called "sure-thing-ing".

Old NFO said...

Well, the agency I work for is broke... and has been since 1 Sept. No travel, no new equipment, no new contracts.

Beau's Mom said...

Gee...I can't wait to see what I bought.