26 September 2011


Maxine Waters, Andre Carson, and now Morgan Freeman have called me racist because I want government to stop spending money it doesn't have.
I guess I don't understand the full definition of the word.

I thought the oceans would stop rising. I thought we were the ones we have been waiting for. I thought electing a half-white man would cause us to look more closely at "the content of a man's character". Have you seen some of the things these liberal{!} idiots are saying about Herman Cain? (Who I am thoroughly impressed with at this point.)
Oddly, Martin Luther King's character seems to be under question these days!

I didn't vote for him, but I truly hoped BOzo's election would lead to a more unified nation.
Man, was I naive!

(Seen the latest catchy acronym? OMG!... Obama Must Go!)


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Deroy Murdock, who is black, wrote in the National Review Online that Mr Obama lies; that his party, not the Republicans, is the obstacle.

Further, when Mr Obama recently spoke to the black caucus about slippers and getting to work, Maxine Waters was multiply pissed.

Mr Obama is TANKING.


Old NFO said...

Yep agree on ALL counts... and I'm seriously considering buying one of those shirts :-)

the golden horse said...

It does get a little tiring to be called names, when they don't have a sane comeback to the problems.
I think if the left looked hard enough, they would far less racist on the right than there really is, it is just their go to answer for everything. So weak.

Beau's Mom said...

I'm already catching crap because I was against electing Obama 3 years ago and a lot of racists left my blog because they said I was racist.

What do I mean? I think judging a person's character (when they put themselves in the public's eye) is not racism just because the idiot is black.

But by their judgement of ME - for having an opinion, IS racism against a person for having a brain.