13 September 2011

GWB Coin Flip, 9/11/11


Rita said...

Wow. I have always maintained history will be kinder to George Bush. Listening to that crowd gives me hope that this country hasn't just forgotten that horrible day and the man that gave me comfort when I didn't think any was possible.

I heard yesterday that he has said the most nervous moment of his Presidency was the day he had to go out and throw the first pitch at the World Series in 2001. I think I have even posted how scared I was for him. I did not want him that exposed and once it was all over I was so inspired that he went out and showed us we needed to get back to normal, at least as much normal as we ever will be again.

Love the video. I may have to steal it.

Old NFO said...

Nice to see.

the golden horse said...

I guess President Bush is still a crowd pleaser in some arenas, in spite of what the media would have you believe. It was heartening to hear this response.
He and Laura are still a class act. Such as going to the airport, without fanfare, and greeting returning troops or going to Ft. Hood under the radar. That is a President.