30 August 2011

When The Slaves Are Intelligent:

You may remember this:

(She's on "The List".)
I USED to think Sarah Silverman was funny. I even thought she was cute, (although I hear she's hirsute and if I found that out for sure it would be a turnoff.)
But knowing BOzo was whelped in Muslim schools, and looking at his list of Muslim friends,
I could only shake my head in amazement at this video and at the polls that showed Jewish support for this poseur.
The amazing thing is that even as folks like Rodolfo and Flightfire come to the realization this guy is incompetent, there is still a surprising amount of support in the ranks of the "Slaves" out there.

And ya know what?
Intelligent slaves are wonderful, so long as they're still on your side.
But... when they finally turn on you?

Ask Pharoah, Mussolini, Hitler, and Ceausescu what happens then!


Old NFO said...

I've never been impressed by her 'comedy'... And having known a few "JAPs", ain't going there either...

Rita said...

I couldn't watch it all. I was so absolutely disgusted I stopped it. What a vile racist she is against her own religion. Nasty nasty woman. Now I'll NEVER get to sleep tonight.