15 August 2011

Absence Makes The Heart...

She left me more than a week ago.
I took her to the train station, gave her a kiss, and she boarded the train for her childhood stomping grounds to visit family there.
She was gone four days.

She came home long enough to pack a larger suitcase with lighter clothing, then left the next day for Arizona.
She was gone five days.

I missed her.

Her airplane arrived yesterday at Noon. I was trying to think of anything I could do to show her how much I appreciated her. Dinner on the way home was a given. But figuring she might be thirsty for a cup of our home-brewed Arabica blend, I brewed a fresh pot, pre-heated and filled the thermos with it, and put just the right amount of dry creamer and sweetener in a thermal cup so that when we were comfortably on the road to dinner she could enjoy a cup from home. I handed her the thermal cup and reached for the thermos. She opened the top of the cup, saw it was full of something white, and, figuring it was a new cup with a piece of styrofoam in the bottom, upended it and covered her, me, and most of the front half of the car with the creamer/sweetener.
Welcome home darlin'!

But, dinner was VERY nice.
And a partly-cloudy 82 degree day was a welcome change from the 109 degrees she left behind.
She took a nap when we got home. During that nap I studied her, marvelled at how beautiful she is, and took comfort in the light hum she makes when she's sleeping soundly.
She's glad to be home.
The missing piece of my life is back where it should be, as is my missing "peace".

I may even clean up the mess she made of the car.


Timothy Frazier said...

I just read this to Robin. She giggled and said it was "So sweet".

cj said...

You are amazing. How long have the two of you been married? You make my heart glad.


Greybeard said...

Sweet, and creamy too. Right Tim/Robin?

We've been together 31 years and married 21 of 'em, CJ. We do make a good team...
We only want to kill one another about once per month.

Old NFO said...

Good for you, great post about true feelings.

wksaz said...


Great sentiments Greybeard, you are a lucky couple. On the eve of our 20th wedding anniversary your words surely ring true. I think I know how you feel when your other "piece" is missing. I also completely understand and live wanting "to kill one another once a month"...but neither one of us would ever REALLY leave.....Life is interesting isn't it? Praise the lord I think this is what true love really means and we are blessed.

Congratulations on being together with someone you love, I wish everyone could be so fortunate.

All the best!

BoMarGirl said...

I do assume you are speaking of your lovely wife; really can't tell for sure. Not a another motorcycle or dog?

AWWWW SORRY GB, I'm being my normal smartass self. I know you are a marshmallow!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That's wonderful. Ain't it grand to be in love with your wife? And to love her so much that you ache?

I love mine with all my little clotted heart.