28 February 2010


We've begun to be serious about stocking the larder. I'm already looking at seed catalogs, planning my garden for Spring/Summer. (I still have to figure out how to keep Bambi and all his friends out of my garden.)

If you know anything about the pictured products, I need your advice:
I actually like "Spam". To me it's a little greasy, but bacon or ham are too aren't they? Sharing space on a plate with eggs and home-fried potatoes, Spam is good stuff. Wally World sells a similar product under their "Great Value" brand that I fried up today and honestly, I cannot tell the difference between the two.

"Big Lots" has the Armour meat product on their shelves cheap... "Treet".
I have no experience with it, but suspect the taste will be close enough to the two I've mentioned as to be almost indistinguishable. Am I wrong?
If you have experience with them, which do you prefer, and why?


cary said...

I prefer SPAM because of the "name" brand, and it is a hometown company. However, having tried all three, I can pretty much tell you the only difference is price.

Now I have a hankering for some SPAM and eggs... with Tobasco sauce!

the golden horse said...

Spam for sure. Dad thought the stuff was great. I suspect his love of it was from his time in Hawaii during the war.
We have warehouses here with nothing but Spam in them. Never know when there will be a strike or some emergency and the locals can't get any.
you can go to most any gas station or 7-11 here and buy Spam Musubi.
Slab of spam, stacked on top of a hunk of rice and wrapped with seaweed. The kids run to the store for a snack of such after school.
Actually, if you fry a slab up and put on a slice of cheese and lettuce and tomato and onion on a bun,maybe a little mustard and you have a great little meal, for cheap.