26 February 2010

Obama's Misery, January 2009

How wonderful... The number is actually down!
Last month it was 12.72%. This month it's 12.33%,
9.7% + 2.63%.
Break out the champagne... we're on the road to recovery!
Uhh, NOT SO FAST, Bunky.
Let's do a little studying here before we celebrate.
The index is down because the unemployment number is down. The INFLATION portion of the index is actually UP. (Gee, imagine that!)

So, what ya need to do is take a look around you and see if you think the numbers make sense...
Is the unemployment situation actually improving?
Is inflation more likely to increase or decrease over the coming months?

Obama is getting ready to "stimulate" the economy again. Where will that money come from? What impact will that have on inflation?
Are your neighbors going back to work? Will the unemployment part of the index be up, or down next month?

Pay attention to the Commercial Real Estate market, Bank closures, and the impact of those factions on the F.D.I.C..
Don't we live in interesting times?


the golden horse said...

Maybe the employment records look better since we have thousands of Census workers?
I can't buy it yet, that things are better.

Clint said...

Both our predictions were wrong. That's OK with me, though!!!
I am surprised it didn't go up...

Greybeard said...

I'm still wagering this is a "blip", Clint. Seasonal employment and Census workers had an impact on the employment figures. The full effect of printing all that money has not yet been realized, (and the printing continues). I'm betting the long-term trend is up... and when it starts, maybe dramatically UP!

California, Illinois, New York, Florida and other States are about to go into "dying cockroach" mode.
With the other problems mentioned in the post, I still think my silver purchase will prove to be a good move.