17 September 2009

Rodolfo! Come Back Rodolfo!

Ha! Remember this?

(Pay attention to the laundry list of folks she thanks... they're likely all complicit in fraudulent activity.)

Back in October my friend Rodolfo said this:
"This whole ACORN stunt has been widely overblown. The fact is there is no evidence to suggest there is a *systematic* attempt by ACORN to steal the election. It was ACORN themselves who turned in the fake registration to authorities and fired those canvassers who tried to take advantage of the system."

Well, the firings were ACORN's attempt to put out the fire.
I think Rodolfo may have been trying to cover for them because Bozama was affiliated with ACORN in Chicago and he didn't want any of that mud splattering on "Teh One". Now ACORN has been indicted in several States for "systematic" voter fraud. Their contract with the U.S. Census bureau to help collect data in 2010 has been canceled. Employees are being fired right and left because of unscrupulous practices. ACORN leadership has literally been reduced to trying to distact us with the "OLABSO!" strategy.

(Oh look... A bright shiny object!)

Rodolfo, I desperately need you and FlightFire to come back and help me understand what I'm missing here...
How were my fears "overblown"?
(I know, I know... it's not good form to gloat, especially when the Nation is gonna be in such pain.)

Wow! Updated:


wksaz said...

Maybe Rodolfo was just a blogger alias for some secret ACORN activist.

cj said...

Don't you wonder how good ol' Rodolfo is fairing under The One?

I know I do.

C'mon, Rodolfo... if you're out there lurking, give us a shout.


Rodolfo said...

ya i still think your fears about ACORN systematically *stealing* the election was overblown. obama won fair and square!

as far as federal funding for acorn that should STOP.

since you seem to be honoring blog requests (trying to at least) i request if you write more political posts maybe you should include detailed solutions to whatever problem you're railing at.

but seriously though more aviation posts please. share your passion and not your fears.


Greybeard said...

Click the link my friend...
Several States disagree with you,
(as do I). Rather than be a fool like Gore, McCain conceded the election like a gentleman. Obama wins.

I'll present your content request to the Blog's Board Directors and I'll relay their decision later.

And we're interested in how your job search is going. Are you twisting wrenches?

Thanks for stopping by R!