08 September 2009

Call It What It Ain't.

"Death Panels"
Sarah Palin used the term to describe the "End of life" counselors called for in the House version of the Health Care Reform Bill. It's a phrase that has caused Liberals to pull out their hair, because although it IS a bit misleading, two-or-three word phrases are easy to remember and when they catch on, they stick like glue.
"Death Panels" certainly has.
Does the term bother you?

If it does, how do you feel about the phrase "Fairness Doctrine"?
What about "Employee Free Choice Act"?
Both are almost exactly the opposite of what their title seems to indicate.
"Death Panels" comes much closer to describing what those counselors might have to recommend in our near-bankrupt health care system.

"Give 'em a pain killer and send 'em home!"
(Barack Obama)


Flightfire said...

I don't understand why this is a controversy. Do you Republicans think that you aren't going to die? You're going to live on forever and never have to plan for anything? For the party that claims to be so hard-headed and business-minded this seems like a pretty stupid position to take.

Everyone should plan their death. Because it IS going to happen one day. If you want us to do everything humanly possible to save you when your heart conks out, then we will do it. But if you feel like you are coming to the end of your life and you want to be let go peacefully, then we will make you comfortable and help you and your family through it.

Having counselors there to help you evaluate the positives and negatives of either death is not wrong. Nobody is going to tell you how you have to die. I've been trained too well to let that happen. It's not likely I'm ever going to let the government supercede my authority on that matter. So stop fear-mongering and realize a good idea when it is a good idea.

Greybeard said...

Do you ever read the blog posts FF?
Care to address my post?