16 September 2009

How Liberals Are Destroying The U.S.

Three things that are becoming so evident, even discerning Liberals are beginning to be alarmed:

It might not be perfect, but it ain't broke to the point of needing a "frame-off overhaul"...
Most Americans don't want Big Government involved in their health care. If Obama's ideas take hold, health care in the U.S. may be catastrophically broken, and it is apparent the no longer "silent majority" has begun to realize it.

Is journalism dead? Chris Matthews "tingle down his leg" apparently also killed his desire to report the news. Our media is failing us. Asked about ACORN, and how that fiasco has unfolded, recently retired ABC anchor Charles Gibson was clueless...
ACORN is in charge of doling out BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars, yet a guy who is supposed to be immersed in the news is ignorant of their exposure by two young independent investigators? Newspapers are failing and ratings for broadcast media are suffering. Here's why.
Think they'll wake before it's too late?

Young folks who wanted change are getting it, despite our warnings that they knew NOTHING about the details of what that "change" would entail. Now they are shocked, SHOCKED!, to find they truly are "the ones we older folks have been waiting for".
Thank you, thank you, young people! Now give me all your change, please!

You know I didn't vote for this man. I was dismayed when he was elected because there were just too many loose ends indicating he might not be eligible to be President, and that he was not well-prepared for the job under any circumstance. When he was elected I tried to look on the bright side-
Maybe he CAN do what he claimed... be a uniter, by showing people of all colors that if you work hard you can climb to the highest post in the land.
Instead we are more divided than ever. If you disagree with this man, well, you are obviously a racist.

The Tea Party movement is opening eyes. I guess there are more and more racists coming out of the woodwork, (and more and more of 'em are folks of color!)
Can we survive this administration?
Wake up America!

Althouse echoes my thoughts on the first "post-racial" President.


Rita said...

HILARIOUS. I just happened upon a report with Ol' Charlie and he has just now "broken" the ACORN story.

Way to go Gibson, nice one. But it's about a week late! What a sad commentary about how far removed the MSM really is.

"WHAT? You mean the Census Bureau got rid of them and the senate has voted to defund them? What did they do?"

THIS IS YOUR JOB! How can you not know what is going on?

The biggest lie I was ever told in high school came from my beloved freshman Journalism teacher. She actually taught us that reporting was supposed to be neutral.

What a crock.

wksaz said...

Hello my name is B, according to the MSM I am racist and here is why.

I was taught that color didn't matter as a child and I believed it my whole life. As a teen I had a black, a Moroccan, and a few Jewish girlfriends. Even when Obama was running and I disagreed with him I never even "noticed" his color only the non-content of his character.

We were told that color didn't matter anymore and stupid me I believed that as well because the minute he got elected all I heard about was the first (half) black president and how we should stand up and cheer. Now the great uniter has become the great divider and I am left wondering where I belong? Am I just racist or did I miss something because now I do notice his color.

It appears that by not being racist I have been overtaken and ruled by those that are.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this whole situation is that it is all "people of color" and the apologists have been mobilized to defeat the "white agenda". Unfortunately the "white agenda" of good jobs, lower taxes, sanctity of marriage, a strong defense, and conservative constitutional opinions are the targets. This is not progress, but it is CHANGE.

Where is my United Anglo College Fund, the Organization of Anglo Newspaper Publishers, the National Association for the Advancement of Anglo Peoples???? Last time I checked it was not even OK to notice a persons color when they apply for a job, a home loan, rent a house or do most any other thing. Why is it then OK for the NAACP, and other similar organizations to notice my lack of color and my blue eyes? This is TRUE racism, the other n-word stuff and cross burning is just hate and a lack of education? Maybe people of color need tolerance classes now? Good luck, just try selling that one!

I'm waiting......I want my EQUAL rights! I will not settle anymore.

I wonder what would happen to me if I went into a United Negro College Fund office and tried to apply for a scholarship with one of my children? Would they actually come out and say I could not qualify or would they just quietly take the app and trash it when I left, while laughing hysterically at me and my blond child?

Stand up, be counted, when they do the math they will see that there is a very large problem indeed.

Greybeard said...

Mirrored my thoughts almost exactly, WK. Through my eyes, I'm noticing an arrogant "we're in control now" attitude that concerns me. And your words about change set off my lightbulb...
Not just "change", but wholesale change that will worsen, not repair the problem.
Our government is inflating it's way out of this situation and those that don't realize it, including those with "attitude", will be caught with their pants down.

It's hard to run with your pants around your ankles.