22 July 2009

Those That Don't Know History...

Rush Limbaugh no longer conducts business in New York City.
Because taxes there were increased to the point it was worthwhile for him to move. (Some lefty idiot in a comment at the link says "Leave the country. I'd be glad to get rid of a TRAITOR like You!")
Typical lefty...
Obviously no student of history.

For those of you too young to remember, or for those of you that have forgotten, ask yourself this...
Why did the Beatles end up residing in the United States?

If you think Rush Limbaugh can't/won't leave the country with his money, just continue raising taxes. Then ask yourself-
How's that workin' for me?


cj said...

There once was a time in this country when people wanted little more than the opportunity to work hard and maybe end up rich. Now, what's the point? A 50+% tax bracket? Right.


Rita said...

At 50%, I quit. Seriously. My SIL and BIL did that several years ago when they realized they were paying more in taxes and clearing less than if they just retired early.

We're not far behind them. If I ever spent the time to calculate not only the income tax, but the sales tax and the property tax and the taxes on our utilities and a million other taxes that we don't even think about, why bother?

I believe we should just name the taxes for what they are, the "Jerry Springer Tax". We're paying for all the idiots that appear or watch Jerry Springer.