05 July 2009

Hopeless Change

I've tried.
And I mean, REALLY tried.
But I failed.

I've been going to a Liberal Blogger's site frequently, reading and trying to see through her eyes. And in spite of the fact that I am confused, disgusted, and mostly angered by what I read there I have soldiered on, trying to get a glimpse of how "the other side" thinks.
It's impossible.

Black is white.
Day is night.
There is a "Bizzaro World" answer for any argument you present and the problem is, those on the left truly believe what they are saying.
I can't take it anymore. The contortions it takes to try to understand that kind of thought are just too fatiguing.
But ya know what troubles me most?
Rewarding failure...
Rewarding the negative.

I'm beginning to think we're irreconcilable, left and right.
And I'm amazed when I know they cannot do without us, those of us who are right, and they don't even realize it.
Where will the money they want to "spread around" come from if we decide we can't take this anymore? If we dig in our heels and say "ABSOLUTELY NO MORE!", who will pay Peggy Joseph's mortgage? Who'll put gasoline in her car's tank? Who will feed her children?

For what it's worth, liberals, this is the only way you survive the coming chaos:
Come to the realization that drug and alcohol detoxification programs work for one reason-
They force those with a problem to see it for what it is, and remove them from the source of their problem. They separate addicts from co-dependents.
They quit rewarding bad behavior.

Can we as a country do that?
I've tried logic. I've tried historical references. So far, nothing has worked, so I'm fearful for our future.
And I'm sorry to say, more and more I'm planning for a catastrophe.


Rita said...

I know exactly what you mean GB. No matter what goes on, it's still Bush's fault, Bush's deficit, Bush caused terrorists to hate us even though they hated us before he was elected.

All we have to do is play nice, ignoring the fact of the billions we give countries in aid that despise us.

We should just ignore North Korea and the slaughtering going on in Iran. But we should play nice with cultures that stone their women if they are raped.

I especially love the blogs where they justify Fox News ratings as being because liberals get their news from the internet and conservatives are too stupid to do anything but watch tv.

Sometimes when I'm reading all the liberal news/blogs online I go between laughing at their idiocy and crying because it's just sad what is happening to our country.

But then again, I'm just a stupid conservative who doesn't know how to get my "news" online. Hell, I'm so stupid that I just keep working everyday, paying my bills on time, including my car insurance, my health insurance and the ever increasing taxes.

Flightfire said...

All-right old man, enough is enough. I can take you disparaging Obama's policies, I can handle all your conspiracy theories about the left wing media and Obama's citizenship, but I will NOT stand by and let you call all liberals lazy, incompetent, welfare-seeking idiots.

Do I call you a greedy, racist, sexist, corrupt, theocrat. No I don't. Even though there are clearly people on your side who are. I like to think that you are just a hard-working Midwesterner, who spends a little too much time on the internet while waiting to fly.

So please just stick to the issues and stop with the underhanded name calling. We think you're just as crazy as you think we are, but I don't believe you're a racist or a sexist. Right now, I'm pretty sure you actually believe that most liberals are lazy welfare addicts.

And there won't be a coming disaster. You've been wrong about pretty much everything for the last 8 years. You'll be wrong about that too.

Notice how when I say you're wrong, I just say you're wrong. Not that you're an idiot or lazy or anything else.

cj said...

Hey, Flightfire? I'm still waiting for answers to my questions about common ground.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Flightfire !
You have it right on all accounts. GB, in your previous blog you grouped together ALL Jews by saying they are self-destructive: sounds racists to me (anti Semitic ala Mel Gibson). Now you're saying ALL liberals are lazy, incompetent, welfare-seeking idiots. Do you realize how many people have lost their homes and no longer have jobs? Do you? Just because you have a job and can pay your bills, you can't figure out why those less fortunate can't do the same, but then again, it's your blog and you can say what you want, but it also sounds like you spend way too much time on the internet and you seem to believe everything you read on there and that you seem to think you are perfect.

Greybeard said...

Does this manure sound familiar to you, CJ?

cj said...

GB -

Yup. It's the tried and true response from the liberal left when anyone dares to question their opinions.

I don't give a tinker's damned what color a person is, what religion they believe in, or any other personal belief they may want to name. A belief cannot be challenged; it cannot be wrong. It is a belief and we are entitled to whatever ones we chose.

I do, however, care that their are those on the left who seem to feel I have to accept the beliefs of others, even those I disagree with. In reality, all I have to do is give them the right to have those beliefs, which I do. The fact that I actually have the guts to express my disagreement does not make me a racist. It is those on the left that shout racist whenever someone disagrees with them, regardless of why.

So, Flightfire, and oh-so-brave-Anonymous, tell me how I'm wrong. Tell me how disagreeing with the idea of a cradle-to-grave, all powerful federal government, one that was never intended to be, makes me a racist. Please.


The Old Man said...

First of all, I'M the Old Man.
Can we agree that any descriptions and pejoratives apply to the statistical outliers of the group? Ferinstance, "schlepping Bubbie" through witholding visits was obviously tongue-in-cheek, but the fact that the Jewish community supported so strongly a politico who wants to pacify the Mideast through selling out Israel is completely baffling to me. I agree with Greybeard that the merry-go-round is going to crash sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, adventurer/poets like Flightfire (read his Blogger profile) weep for those who have been swept up in the poor economic times while wildly cheering policies and programs that enervate the economy and vilifying citizens who disagree with the "progressive" platform. Both sides have placed their bets and Hopey is spinning the wheel. Lib-ruls claim that cap-and-trade will "green" America and conservatives see the economy crashing due to the implicit energy tax on everything.
Don't argue. Watch and wait, for the avalanche has been triggered.

cary said...

Just out of curiosity, Anon E. Mouse, what race, exactly, is a Jew?

Is it white? Tell that to Sammy Davis, Jr.

Is it black? Tell that to all the nice white folk who practice Judaism.

Is it some other color? Calling someone who bashes the Jews "racist" only underlines, to those of us who are conservative, just how mentally challenging it is for the liberals to come up with actual original thoughts. If someone bashes a Jew, then they are anti-semitic and has nothing to do with race.

Uninformed statements such as yours are why we on the right refer to those of you on the left as "lazy" and "incompetent" - because you don't bother to learn the true meaning of the word(s) you use, and when you do use a word you use it incorrectly as a matter of course without allowing your narrow little minds to accept that you might be wrong and then LEARN from your mistake!