16 July 2009

Christians And Michael Jackson

Yeah you're right, I said I wouldn't do it.
I'm gonna renege on my "No comment on Michael Jackson" statement.
So sue me.

As a Viet Nam Veteran and member of the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy", I get lots of forwards from fellow conspirators. Sometimes that's good. Most of the time it's irritating because it means I'll get the same ^&$@#% message from nine different people. For the last few days the "Forward Du Jour" has been one that compared five of our brave warriors named "Jackson" and the way their combat deaths have been handled by our news media to the reportage of everything MJ. There is no question we must honor our brave warriors who have given all to preserve our freedoms... that is not my intention and is not the point here.
There also can be no justification for the way we have been force-fed Michael Jackson 24/7 over the last several days. But remember, the news has not been good for President(?) Obama and his administration, and his huge cheering section wants no part of having to tell us the truth, which would reveal what a bunch of fools we were to believe in their faulty investigative reporting...

This week I received the Jackson Soldiers/Michael Jackson comparison via email from a number of friends, some of which were Christian Brothers and Sisters. I'm at once surprised and saddened by anyone complaining about the media coverage...
Don't like it? Turn the damned TV/Radio off for heaven's sake!
But I realized, with my Christian friends, it might be a good moment for us to re-focus on "WWJD"?
To that extent I sent this note via email to one of my friends, the title of this post in the subject line:

"They call me Legion, for I am many."

I've been pretty amazed at the reaction of many to Michael Jackson's death.
I'm glad I wasn't Michael Jackson, aren't you? Mentally and possibly physically abused as a child, he apparently wasn't allowed to play with others his age because he "might hurt himself" and be unable to perform. Once famous, much like Elvis, he was trapped in a "Twilight Zone" world by his celebrity. Surrounded by folks desirous of catering to his every need, he had no true friends to stand up and tell him he was headed down a dangerous path. I have no argument with those that claim he was imperfect...
We all fall short of the goals Christ set before us.

I too have made unkind jokes about MJ in the past. Still, I'm now saddened by his death and by the loss of "what might have been". The loss of every fighting man and woman saddens me...
It's easy to see how their deaths are due to them having taken a righteous path...
Did Michael Jackson even have that option?

I'd like to gently nudge those calling him a "Villain" to reconsider their thoughts. He was consumed by demons we cannot even imagine. We should be thanking God for our health daily, both physical and mental.

Rest in peace Michael Jackson.
As this email correspondence indicates, you brought me DECADES of pleasure during your too-short life!
And (Christian Sister), don't take this nudge wrong...
It's my gentle way of "standing up" and being a friend.



jinksto said...

Did he have another option? Yes. Though he was surrounded by sycophants, it was of his own doing. The man was 50 years old.

I was raised by an alcoholic racist. That fact would not be an excuse for me earning either of those two labels. A person, any person is responsible for his own growth (spiritual, mental, physical) after the age of 16 or so. If you fail in that then it's your fault, not your parents. Having good parents makes that growth easier of course but the lack of them doesn't make it impossible.

I don't think that comparing Jackson to our servicemen is appropriate though. They are hero's he was not. It's comparing apples and oranges. While it does help point out the media bias there are enough examples of that already. We don't need to drag our hero's into the mix.


the golden horse said...

Nice letter GB,

You are correct in many ways. Poor Michael had a father that he was scared of his whole life, a man that used his children for the all mighty dollar. Even last night on TV he was being interviewed and it was about the money to this day. A man that once set up an interview with Michael with an interviewer for $300,000, totally unannounced to his son.
I can't imagine what all he went through, but I remember many years ago, hearing the abuse accusations.
Perhaps we need to have walked in his shoes before we judge him or even understand his life.

Greybeard said...

Obviously I didn't make myself clear enough, TJ.
My point was not to defend MJ. Instead it was to point out the "plank" in my own eye and in those of my Christian siblings.

I have no argument with your conclusions.

jinksto said...

I think you nailed it closer than you think. My comment just wasn't well worded. :) I'd been awake for a very long time when I posted that.

Rain said...

We don't often agree but this time we do. I didn't watch any of the Jackson coverage because it was just plain repulsive to me how we idolize some after they die and yet cannot find a way to hold them accountable while alive. It's part of our emotion driven society though-- in my opinion and that is true whether it's hate or love someone.

Cissy Apple said...

I managed to watch a few of his old videos during the "blitz", but not more than a minute or two of the service. Made me sad to see how far downhill he's fallen over the years. Too bad it couldn't have been his turd father. Why do worthless pieces of sh-- live to be a ripe old age?
I must admit that his looks and his actions have repulsed me over the past decade or so. But I do hate to see him go. What I hate even more are all the people out to make a buck by selling anything "Michael Jackson", and those that buy it.
Why anyone would want their children to be TV/movie stars, models, beauty contestants, famous singers, or celebrities is beyond me. Other than Ron Howard, I can't think of any that have grown up to be normal, successful, happy people.

camerapilot said...

Hey GB,
I worked with MJ, saw him up close, saw all of the human ramora follow him 24/7 and not giving him a moments rest. How'd you like to get up one morning as a child and not get off work until your death?
Do not judge him harshly. He was born "product" and died that way.
I'll get back to you later on this subject (long day shooting a feature)because I want to share a behind scene look at a very sad child of a man.