06 February 2008

Tet of 1968

"In truth, the war in Vietnam was lost on the propaganda front, in great measure due to the press's pervasive misreporting of the clear U.S. victory at Tet as a defeat. Forty years is long past time to set the historical record straight."

Our news media deceived us then...
They're deceiving us today.

The whole article, worth reading, is here.


Tumo said...

Hello Mr. Greybeard! I am truly glad to have found your blog I enjoy your work here a ton. I'm not sure the comment section is where to bring this up but I couldn't find an email so here it goes..I showed your blog to my dad also a Vietnam vet and he was curious to know if you knew a snake pilot he only knew as Hulbert? Said it would have been '69-70 near Phuok Vihn I guess this guy saved there asses a couple of times or if 67-68 you were near Pleiku or camp Enari? and said also to pass on a God Bless and welcome home to a brother....

Anonymous said...

oh my god...
so now your stating the US won the Vietnam-War?
your turning out quit weird...

Greybeard said...

For the reading, (and spelling), impaired...
Paraphrasing what I said-
Our media then, and now, has an agenda.
Information they transmit must be considered biased.
Reiterating what the Wall Steet Journal said-
We had the Viet Nam war won, and our media snatched that victory from us.
Is that clear enough?

I was at Pleiku/Enari from November '68 to January '69, but I flew Charley model Huey gunships there. I flew mostly East, South, and West of Pleiku... some of the most dangerous flying I did during my year in Viet Nam.
The rest of my tour was spent at Chu Lai, initially flying Charleys, then finishing my tour in Snakes. So I'm probably not the guy your Pop is lookin' for.
Tell him hello and I'll buy him a beer if he's ever in my A.O.
Darren has my email address. Drop me a note anytime... and thanks for the kind words!

cary said...

Your patience with the lesser beings is a saintly quality I admire in you, and one which I wish to emulate.

Thanks for the link - that is some interesting reading.

When are you back over here next?