14 February 2008

The Check's In The Mail...

"High tomorrow, 52."

That was the forecast as I shut the TV off last night.
Two nights ago we had a spell of freezing rain, followed by snow showers that accumulated three inches of the fluffy stuff on top of that icy foundation, followed by two hours of freezing drizzle/fog. The result is beautiful, but the freezing drizzle and fog formed a pavement-like crust on top of the snow... it'll support my weight without breaking. It's very slippery... like oiled glass, and would be far more work than I want to expend to shovel it away.
A 52 degree temperature means I won't have to risk having a massive heart event trying to get rid of it... Mom Nature will take care of my problem!

Now it's a new day. The sun is by itself in the sky... there are no clouds. Per my normal routine, I turn on the radio to listen to my local news-talkers and catch up on the latest gossip/News/Weather/Sports in my little town.
"High today of 42."
What?!! Did I hear that right? 42 degrees ain't gonna get the melting done!
Yep. The next report repeats the offensive statement.

How much are these people paid to be so often wrong?
Do they make a pretty good living?
I'm in the wrong vocation.

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