12 July 2007

Why They Get It Wrong, Reprise

They ASSUME...
and you know how the word "assume" breaks down, don't you?

It's amazing how people who report the news don't serve us well.

John Springer, who wrote the following, is just plain (plane?) ignorant:
"Leaking jet fuel and blinding smoke prevented an off-duty firefighter — credited with pulling some victims from the wreckage of a fiery small plane crash — from going after more victims, including a young girl and infant boy who were among the five who died."

No question, this guy walked into chaos.
The article is about the crash of a Cessna 310, which burns AvGas, not JetA. AvGas is MUCH more volatile than JetA, and if John had done a little investigating he'd have known that, and could have reported that fact.
So there was a real danger of explosion, yet Firefighter John Cooper risked his life to save others... unquestionably the guy is a hero.
If you want to read an article that starts off with such a big error, it's

I've written before about ignorant news reporters.
You must question the clarity and breadth of everything you read and hear.
Some things don't change.

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