23 July 2007

Fortress - Liberator Pics

Some time back, in this post, I blogged about riding
in the B24 "The Dragon and His Tail", and some asked "Where are the pictures?" I finally found 'em.
That's the B17, "Nine-0-Nine" starting #4, above, taken from beneath the wing of the B24.

The flight deck of the B17...

And the B24, taken in flight.

The B24, while it was in "The Dragon and His Tail" livery.

Looking at the vertical stabilizer from the open gunner's portside window at the waist.

I still want to fulfill my dream to one day get a ride in a B17!


Teller said...

Very, very cool. Thanks for putting those up! Any idea what the white, red, and yellow boxes around the engine instruments on both aircraft are about?

Greybeard said...

The only thing I can figure is the most obvious, Teller-
Both airplanes are owned by the same outfit, "The Collings Foundation".
My guess is that the markings may highlight instruments in order of scan importance. (I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out!)
What's your guess?