02 July 2007

Living in a Little Town...

On the left is that big old Oak tree I referred to in an earlier post. Behind it- Casa Greybeard.
It's a small place, more than adequate for our needs now that we've converted Big Bubba's old bedroom to a TV/Computer room. On 2 1/2 acres, what you can't see in this picture is the full-of-fish 5 acre pond that abuts the property in the back.

I was thinking the other day about how we ended up in this home. Have you ever considered the chain of events that lead you to live where you live, or work where you work?

My parents bought a home in a small community South of Indianapolis, Indiana, and lived there for more than 30 years. When I was drafted in 1966, I could not remember living anywhere else. I went to school there, delivered newspapers for five years there, worked at a Service Station and two different Restaurants there. That community was a second family to me... kids couldn't get into too much mischief, 'cause if ya did some neighbor would be on the phone tattlin' on ya in a millisecond!

I've lived in lots of areas in this country... visited in many, many more.
I still have strong feelings and very fond memories of growing up in Central Indiana.
One of the reasons we live where we now live is because this area reminds me in many, many ways of the community where I grew up. Something that happened last week reinforced that feeling...

We still walk often, Sara Jean and I, for fitness and to help control our weight. One day last week we were finishing our 2.2 mile walk, and we waved at "Ed" as he worked in his garden.
Ed is elderly... just lost his lifetime bride a year or so ago. He stays busy in the Spring through Fall by planting and working a beautiful vegetable garden.
Ed waved back, then shouted and indicated we should stop. He got into his John Deere "Gator" and came our way...
The bed of the Gator was full of fresh produce...
"You guys like broccoli?"
"How 'bout cabbage? There's lots of cabbage... help yourself."

Fresh, straight outta the garden, and the price was RIGHT!
Hard to beat, huh?
Small town life can be wonderful.


The Joker said...

Ed and his John Deere full of fresh produce brought back memories of when I was a kid on our farm and we had a huge garden and an orchard. Mom always kept after us kids to weed out the garden, which I hated. Then when the garden veggies and fruit trees were ripe we would take our wheelbarrow out, load up and bring it all in to mom so she could do her canning and store it our cellar.

Then, if we had a lot left over (usually corn on the cob & tomatoes), dad would put it all in the pick-up and we would go park somewhere over on 135 and sell the fresh produce.

I still hate buying those anemic tomatoes they try to sell in the grocery stores. I'm always on the look-out for someone with a roadside stand selling fresh produce, because it's 100% better then what you can get in the stores.

cary said...

Soooo jealous.

On the other hand, Talmadge farms is right across the avenue; in fact, my house is on their old corn patch. They still grow enough to sell ...