31 December 2006


New Year's Day, 2007

The first day of the year....
We've watched retrospectives of 2006 on different networks-
One I enjoy is on TCM, the "Turner Classic Movies" old movie network.
At the end of each year they do a review of those involved with movie production that died during the year. It's sometimes easy to forget who died early in the year, and this review is a good reminder.

Various News Channels also do reviews of the major news stories of the year. "Major" means differing things to different people, but it's still nice to be reminded of stories that happened during the previous year.

And then there are the personal stories..... those things that happen to each of us individually, or as a family, that impact us in an important way, but don't affect others much.
A big one for the Greybeard family just came to fruition-
Four and a half years of work behind him, Big Bubba has gotten his Bachelor's degree. His major emphasis is communications, with a minor emphasis in Journalism. He already has two job offers, and accepting either of them will result in his moving a considerable distance from us.

So this year we are conflicted-
We are proud of him for his achievement.
We're proud of him because he's a fine human being.
We're proud of him because his talent has resulted in some folks in the Movie/TV industry taking notice of him and offering him jobs.
But it means he'll be leaving home.
He's always been a home-body.... now the activity we've always heard emanating from his bedroom will be quiet. The "life-support system" he has established there will be packed up and moved across country, leaving space for us to fill as we wish.

Have we properly prepared him for this transition?
How will we deal with "empty-nest syndrome"?
(Not well, I'm afraid.)

Comparisons with my parents, and so many other parents, are impossible to avoid-
Mine sent me off to the care of my Uncle Sam, knowing the conflict in Viet Nam was expanding.
It's hard for me to imagine sending my son off under similar circumstances.... could I handle that kind of emotional transition? God gives us the strength to handle such things, but I sure am glad I'm not facing that circumstance.

The change we face is the result of plans and dreams unfolding as we hoped.
Still, we face the stress that major change in our lives presents.
We need to focus on the positive side of this change.
It's an exciting time for us.

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

Please pass on to Bubba, my heartiest congratulations for his hard work and accomplishments. A degree in his chosen field will be exciting and I hope rewarding. Go forth, young man and do well.

Mary Kay said...

Please tell Big Bubba I'm very proud of him. Sometimes it is not easy to work and go to school. He set a goal and now he has accomplished it. I wish him every happiness in his chosen field.

Anonymous said...

Oh the ecstasy AND the agony parents experience when they send their children into the world!! Such extreme polar feelings...you're proud of their accomplishments and saddened that this means they will be moving on in life.

As they continue to grow, independently, you find it a bit easier to accept this as 'natural', but I can also tell you that the sting of letting go is always there. I experienced it once again after the holidays. And for some crazy reason, the more they succeed, the harder it is....I suppose because you're looking at a person you REALLY like and enjoy spending time with and they are not available. I take heart in the fact that others value and appreciate my children, and that I've helped contribute to the betterment of our world by helping to shape such great human beings!

Congrats and best wishes to your son, and good luck to mom and dad...you WILL survive, and you always have us to vent with when the going gets tough!!

The Old Man said...

Hang in there, buddy. Son is still in school but out of town and daughter got marries while I was indisposed last year - and she lives out of state.
You get used to the peace and quiet too quickly - when the kids visit you wonder where the hell all the noise is coming from... Congrats to the lad - he'll carry on in a manner that will make you proud.