08 December 2006

"But It Was Just Sex"

Mid 50's,
Married.... a family man.
At the peak of his career.

He's having more than a little difficulty remaining faithful to his wife.
He gets involved with a woman less than half his age.
His dalliances become public knowledge.
Should he lose his job? After all, "it's just sex. It's his personal business."

Well, if you are President of the United States, you might be able to squirm and keep your job, but Corporate America won't put up with that kind of sleazy behavior!

And the amazing thing-
Apparently this guy actually could say,
"I did not have sex with that woman......"

He no longer works for Pepsi.


The Old Man said...

Whaddya expect - a bad joke about Wandscheider and his fill-in-the-blank? I think not. Another case of the grass-being-yaddee-yattah...

Anonymous said...

Well to tie it into your previous post on leadership, he is the flagship of company morale and direction (in theory.) So him showing such a lack of integrity and fidelity then is just bad leadership and investors would want him gone for showing such poor ethics and decision making.
If he is willing to do that with his marriage imagine the other stupid crap he would do with their money :)


Couldn't happen to a better company. Flying Dutchman is spot on with his comment.