17 December 2006

Just Plain Cool!

I have more than 1500 hours in various iterations of the BO 105 shown in this video that lifetime friend Ole Prairie Dog sent.
I had seen this video several times before, but never with the cool background music on this one.

It's obviously a tough, agile bird.
The 105 has a rigid (hingeless) rotor that allows the pilot to do "negative G" maneuvers that would destroy many other helicopters.
The BO 105 was the precursor to the BK 117 I'm now flying in EMS, which principally has the same rotor system and would also be able to do these sorts of maneuvers.

Yeah, a tough bird......
It's comforting to know these aircraft can withstand forces I will never subject them to.


Anonymous said...

"Just Plain Cool" hardly says it all, but, I can't think of any other way to describe it. Other than, "I want one of these toys, Santa" Wow

Anonymous said...

Ya. Wow. I have a lot of hours in the backseat of a news Bell 206B, and a few hours of acro in fixed wing...I can't even imagine mixing the two like that...absolutly incredible! Hopefully for your patients you don't test your bird's inversion abilities.
Teller (journeyinflight.blogspot...)