09 September 2006

Wheat from Chaff

Crap is crap, and should be labelled as such.

I can remember being frustrated at Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911", knowing much of it was fabrication and knowing the (shrewd) release came at a time where it would have a negative affect on the Presidential election. It was also released at a time close enough to the election so an effective response could not be mounted.

Revelation about the GWB drunk driving charge was even worse, and the "Rathergate" fiasco was of the same cloth.
Nasty politics...... dirty tricks.
Thank God, much of this was vomit in the windstream, and blew back into the perpetrators faces.

Now comes ABC's "The Path to 9/11",
and what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.
The phrase, "Based on a true story", or "Inspired by true events" means what you are seeing is FICTION. I have never understood why creative people do that...... why come out with an important work that will mislead people, even in the smallest way, when all it would take to make it a factual story is to make slight changes and take just a little longer to show what actually happened?
Propaganda does not have to be lies.

President Bush knew the truth would come out about Fahrenheit 911, and gracefully allowed Michael Moore to assume the position of honor next to President Carter at the Democratic National Convention without a word of criticism.

President Clinton is handling the situation differently.
Desperately trying to overcome being impeached and disbarred for depriving Citizens of their civil rights, he is now publically criticizing ABC for airing a work of fiction. He is within his rights.......
I thought President Bush should have done the same thing when Michael Moore's work of fiction hit the theatres.

Now you can judge this issue on it's merits.
THIRDWAVEDAVE has a post about an on-line interview that
Andrea Shea-King and Mark Vance will conduct next week.
LTC Buzz Patterson was an aide to President Clinton during this time-frame, and would certainly be in a position to know what is FACT about this story.
Go and read TWD's post. Then, if you have an interest in the events leading up to 9/11, tune in to the show, listen, and form your own opinion.

I hope it will help to separate truth from fabrication.
In November we need to walk into the Polls fully armed with the FACTS of this issue. (Maybe Col. Patterson knows what Sandy Berger was stuffing into his socks?)

Update: Ya absolutely gotta see this!



Thanks, Greybeard.

Andrea Shea King & Mark Vance said...

Thank you for mentioning the upcoming interviews with Ltc Patterson. As you might imagine, we are eager to talk with him.

Hope you'll be able to tune in or listen on the stream.

Great post. You knocked it out of the ballpark. But then, you always seem to score with interesting stuff here!

chris Muir said...

Thanks for the link, greybeard!

Anonymous said...

Good post Graybeard, I think the fictional docu-drama was balanced and even a little soft on the Clinton administration. PBS did a
documentary called "The Man Who Knew" it is about John O'Neil. Mr. O'Neil was in my opinion shafted by his superiors. He was
checkmated out of his job by superiors who didn't like his style. The behavior of the previous administration regarding
the treatment of one of the best
dedicated employees is contemptible.

the golden horse said...

So if you moved into a nice neighborhood (USA) with your family, and found that your family was constantly being tormented by a pack of dogs attacking everything in site.

They have chased your children on their way to school, attacked your wife while unloading the groceries, killed the paperboy who was just trying to do his job. And it just keeps getting worse. The pack is growing and city hall (who is totally unable to make a commitment for fear of what others think) continually ignores the warnings.
No one will listen to you, but the dog catcher.
No one seems to understand how big and bad this pack can and will get.
They have now moved into other neighborhoods and there is fear growing at alarming rates.

What would you do?
1. Ignore them and hope that they leave you alone?
2. Talk to them?
3. Catch them and hopefully learn the identity of their owner from the info on their collars, so that proper measures may be taken?
4. Reward them and give them treats?
5. Call the dog catcher (US military) for help and let them handle the whole out of control mess?
6. Automatic euthanasia, knowing that they can never be rehabilitated and will keep on killing.

What would you do?

Same scenario, different actors.