06 September 2006

The Minnie Pearl Memorial

I like 'em and wear 'em a lot.
I prefer Black...... they accentuate my "svelte" physique!
Nothing better for working in the yard during the summer.

During the Fall and nice weather days in Winter, I'll switch to sweatshirts, but my T's get a workout and get really holey before I throw them away.

Last fall my son bought me a nice black T-shirt from "Big Dogs". It has the Big Dog logo on the front, and "Get 'R' Done, (tomorrow)" on the back, with a drawing of the Big Dog lying in a hammock. A great T for yardwork!
Today when I took it out of my T-shirt drawer, I noticed it still had the store tag attached to it- I had not yet worn it.
I put it on, store tag hanging out front conspicuously, and with Sara Jean looking up from the sofa, waltzed down the stairs like Loretta Young....... the Grand Entrance.
When she commented on the tag, I suggested it was my tribute to Minnie Pearl..... (for those of you living in Vancouver, or too young to remember Cousin Minnie, she was a country comedienne, and always left the store tag very visibly on her hats when she was onstage doing her act. It was her signature.)

Sara Jean got the joke and was mildly amused at my lameness.

Then I said, "Well, I'm goin' to Wal-Mart. Think I should leave the tag on when I go?"

She cackled,
"Yeah, do that. They'll arrest you for stealing the shirt!"

Her funny was funnier than mine.




Di said...

Knowing you, I'm just amazed that you throw away even your holey tees...ha!!

Greybeard said...

Hi Di!
Do you EVER read your email?

Holey T-shirts.....
I'm perfectly comfortable doing yard work with the "grunge look"!

And the neighbors bring food, knowing how desperate we are!