04 September 2006

Cirrus SR22

I'm a political and News junkie.
I leave Fox News ("Faux News" to some of my cousins who come here and read), on my TV while I putter around the house.

In the kerfuffle following the crash of Comair 5191, I caught a glimpse of another, smaller aircraft that had crashed......
One dead, but three had survived the crash into a pond just a few miles from Eagle Creek Airport outside Indianapolis, my old homestead.

The announcer commented how it was obvious the pilot had attempted to eject, because there was a parachute floating in the water alongside the aircraft.
Wow! Isn't that spectacular?
The pilot attempted to eject, leaving his three passengers behind to fend for themselves as the aircraft crashed and sank in the pond!

And I don't mean "Faux News" baloney.
I mean "major news media getting the whole story wrong again" baloney.

Cirrus Aircraft company employs a built-in a ballistic parachute on their SR-22 model airplane.
If the aircraft fails or for any other reason becomes unsafe to fly, the parachute can be deployed and is capable of supporting the weight of the entire aircraft, floating the whole shootin' match gently to the ground. Under these circumstances the aircraft is gonna be damaged in some way in the landing, but the occupants are almost certain to survive the incident.

In this case, the Pilot became incapacitated due to a stroke, and he had briefed his family on how to deploy the 'chute should such a thing happen. His son knew exactly what to do, and did it. The pilot died, but there is conflicting information....... some of the latest reports are that he died due to the stroke.
The others got wet and are hurt, but will probably survive.

Again, News channels filling the air 24 hours a day need something to broadcast, and exciting news brings better ratings. A pilot ejecting from a General Aviation aircraft....... now there's excitement!

The Preliminary NTSB accident report is HERE


Terry said...

I agree, I watch Fox and was discussed with it. When they call the chute a rescue device the fire department put out.
Talking is one thing, Knowledge before you speak is worth listening to.

Fly the plane first then talk.
Quote from my instructor the first day you fly. News should take some flying lessons.


I like the one where the reporter exclaims, "the pilot heroically steered the plane away from the crowded school building just before it crash landed."

The Old Man said...

Farookin' talking heads. Oughta be a law that the news reader understands what isbeingread orcanbesuedfor stupidity. (Hell,lawyers have ruined everything else...)