22 October 2005

"Time" Foolery

Twice a year, "Sun Glare" becomes a hazard for
those of us that live West of our workplace......
driving into the rising sun in the morning
and again as it slips toward the horizon in the evening.

In my case, working straight nights, it's reversed........
I live East of my workplace.
Thank God for sun visors and sunglasses!

Next weekend, with a few exceptions around the U.S.,
we will go through our strange ritual of changing our clocks to "save daylight".

How do we make more daylight by fiddling with a clock?

I hate this exercise in stupidity.
There are eleventy-two digital and analog clocks in our house that need changing in order to save daylight! The analogs aren't so bad, but the digitals.........

I always seem to be the one working the night in October when we
"Fall back", and work an hour for which I am not paid.
Oddly enough, I NEVER seem to work the evening shift where we
"Spring Forward" and get paid for 12 hours after only working 11.

When my parents were living on the lake, I could never remember whether they were an hour ahead or an hour behind me.
It always took me a while to figure if it was a good time to telephone.

For years I've been promoting an idea that would surely make the world a simpler place to live:

ZULU time for everyone!
(Zulu time is Greenwich Mean Time. It's based on the 24 hour clock, and is used by the military and most aviators.)

No more re-setting clocks.
No more confusion about calling your loved ones..
Make an appointment for 2300 Zulu,
and everyone knows what time you'll be shaking hands!
"Call me at 2400 hours" indicates the same time,
no matter where you are on the face of the earth!

If your employer wants to"save daylight",
management can just change the time you are to show up at work from say,
1400 Zulu to 1300 Zulu........no changing clocks to keep it straight in everyone's mind!

So far, my idea hasn't taken off.

So it's time for leadership and drastic action........
I hereby announce my candidacy for "King of the World"!

Vote For Greybeard!

If elected, I promise to be a benevolent King.
And the first thing I will do is stop this lunacy of changing clocks twice a year!

Then I promise to do something about
  • Gilbert Gottfried

    Infinitegtr said...

    You have my vote, so long as I get to be the guy that disciplines people who drive slow in the fast lane, talking on cell phone with one hand and typing email on blackberry with their other hand...

    Rubberducky1.0 said...

    You don't have my vote. I think its funny crap. I sit here in arizona laughing my rump off at everyone that has to put up with it.

    As for infinitegtr, you most assuredly have my vote. Kick some tale and take names. I had one guy cut me off on my bike while on a hands free phone. I don't know about everyone else, but I never found the need to look at the phone to talk. Oh, maybe the guy on the other line was deaf and needed to read his lips. Ugh!